R.I.P. Sundance-You Were Just a Baby

This baby is only 8 weeks old Siberian Husky. He was attacked by other dogs mauled and then the owner dumped him at shelter with a broken jaw and throat almost torn out.
Alley's Rescue Siberian Angel took in a little guy and raised enough money for surgery, however, this baby didn't survive. He passed during the surgery last night.

To read more in details about this little guy click on the link:

R.I.P. Precious Little Angel. I am sorry you didn't get a chance for better life and that last minutes on this planet were so painful to you.

R.I.P. Vucko from Sarajevo, Bosnia

My heart broke into million little peaces when I saw this picture on the Facebook. The pain he went thorough is unimaginable. Few young and drunk minors did this by sticking a dynamite or fire crackers into his mouth and taping it.
Many people are outraged at what happened to this German Sheppard. Facebook photo album OPROSTI NAM VUCKO (FORGIVE US VUCKO) shows more photos of this horrible act. Posts under that just prove how outraged people are to see this happen to the innocent creature.
There is also a video of veterinarian examining the dog:
Warning: graphic content.

Vucko is not with us anymore. Its up to people to make sure he didn't suffer in vain.

Rest in Peace Vucko.

International Champion Golden Retrievers Poisoned at The Dog Show in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands  Dog Show is the European biggest Dog Show with over 20,000 dogs from all over the Europe compete for championship.
Two days ago three Golden Retrievers, two from Serbia and one from Austria were poisoned half hour  after they were pronounced winners of the show.

Plavi Andeo (Blue Angel)
Two years old male Golden Retriever from Serbia named Plavi Anđeo (Blue Angel) - an international champion, was dead half hour after being pronounced European Vice Champion at the dog show in Amsterdam.

Another one is also from Serbia 14 month old Viktorija (Victoria), who was invincible past couple of months winning highest grades by judges at competitions all over the West Europe. Both Serbian dogs belonged to a couple of handlers from Serbia Natasa and Nenad Davidovic.

There were seven Golden Retrievers in the same box, all seven were poisoned. Four of them survived and three, two from Serbia and one for Austria died.

It is yet unknown how dogs were poisoned and what happens.

Rest in Peace Champions!


Seal covers his eys while waiting for surprise fish cake for his birthday.

He Didn't Know Crocodiles Are Not Suposed to Be Petted

     A German tourist wanted to pet crocodile while on vacation in South Africa, crocodile moved towards him to attack but luckily didn't hurt the tourist. He, then, complained that there should be a sign stating the fact that crocodiles should not be petted. This case ended up in court, however, judge dismissed it right away saying that its well known fact that crocodiles should not be petted.

Former TUI (German international tourist organization) president Karl Born said for Speigel that many tourists spend too much time complaining about things while on vacatio in order to get reimbursed. This, he thinks was the worst complian he hard.

Are these people for real?

The World's Worst Hunting Dog

 Picture by itself looks like real life Fox and Hound but that is not the story behind this photo.
Photographer Mircea Costina was observing family of foxes  and trying to make some pictures when all of a sudden parents became agitated.
He heard dog barking. As the dog was getting close to den , male fox started following him. Luckily the dog gave up and family remained safe.

Zoo Babies

A baby gibbon sits on a swing in its enclosure at Vienna's Schoenbrunn Zoo.
Manchurian leopard or Amur leopard in Leipzig Zoo, Germany

African Elephant-Indianapolis Zoo. Her mother is the first African elephant to successfully conceive artificially and give birth.

Cheetah Cub at  San Diego Zoo Safari Park's Animal Care Center.

Endangered Chinese merganser ducklings-New York's Central Park Zoo

Melbourne zoo's new Asian elephant, which has been named Baby for the time being, receives a nudge from her mother after meeting the public for the first time.

A baby antelope is fed milk at the Chester Zoo in northern England

For more baby animals go to:
ABC News

Nobody Wants to Adopt Kitler

Kitler is a six week old adorable kitten found alone and near death by the road in Kempston, Bedfordshire. Currently this girl resides in Wood Green Animal Shelter and remains unwanted seemingly because of little black fur patch under her nose that resembles Hitler mustache.

Shelter stuff believe that her appearance is what turns potential adopters away.

“Kitler is an adorable little girl who will make a wonderful addition to the right family,” spokeswoman Tara Dundon told The Telegraph. “She is really playful and a typical sweet kitten. We rehome five and a half thousand animals every year but we cannot find a loving owner for Kitler. We think her unusual markings are putting people off.”

Name Kitler was drown from Kitten and Hitler. It is not poor kitties fault. What do you think? Would you adopt her?

Kitler -Isn't she adorable?
Update: After receiving overwhelming number of calls and emails Kitler is now adopted-his new name is Luminus.


Photo credits: Angie Nelson of Bristol England took pictures of local frogs until she fell ill and was not able to do so any longer.

Hope - God Bless Her Beautiful Soul

Hope was tied to the tree with electrical cord by Dionte Davis and left alone in the woods to die alone. The cord cut her throat open. She survived but only for 10 days. She waged tail all the time while at vet's office even in this painful condition, even after all this wrongdoing upon her.  It is hard to loose someone who fought so hard for her life. God bless her beautiful soul. Petition (see on the right side) to bring this teen to justice has amazing response.

Savana Frame, petition organizer urges people to keep sharing and signing:
"keep sharing and signing- when this mans court hearing comes, i am going to print entire petition and comments off and send to court house. i may actually go there myself!-- this is an amazing response for a little dog that didn't deserve what she got"

Petition Says:
One of the petitioners posted this comment:
Mathew Davis:
I can’t even look at this picture, it horrifies and disgusts me and fills me with such a terrible sadness.
If people don’t speak or act out against such atrocities they will continue to occur in the shadows.
Please, take a stand against inhumanity, respect all your fellow creatures as you would your dearest sibling and insist (fucking INSIST!) that others do it too.
Nothing deserves to be treated like this. Nothing. And this behaviour should not ever, I repeat NOT EVER, ever, ever, ever be tolerated.
Being silent makes you an enabler, being active makes you a warrior.

I could not agree more!

Please help by signing and spreading Hope's story.
Petition Site


Children Forced to Crush Animals to Death

Children Forced to Crush Animals to Death: "After a year-long investigation by PETA Asia-Pacific and the National Bureau of Investigations, police have now charged a Philippine couple with cruelty to animals and…"

America's Funniest Videos' Biggest Winners

One of my favorite part of AFV are animal clips. As long as animals are not being hurt in them. Here are some of the animals that won big bucks for those who taped them and sent videos.

Bears and Dogs Play Together

There are many things we could learn from animals by merely observing their behavior. One example, are dogs and polar bears in this video-natural enemies overcoming their differences and playing together. Watch.

Funny Animals: Add Your Own Caption

I would like you to add your own caption to these photos in comments below. Put number 1. for the top photo, 2. for middle and 3. for last photo for readers to know which photo goes with the caption. Add caption for just one or all of them. To see more funny photos like this go to:Only Funny Jokes

L'Oreal's Animal Testing Practice is L'Cruel: Are You Really Worth It?

   One of my Facebook friends posted on her page blog about L'Oreal's cruel animal testing practice. (Read The Blog Here). Photo of a bunny with needle in its head immediately got my attention. Reading comments at the post made me think. How many people are aware that they support or increase this cruel practice when they buy products such as L'Oreal.
   One of the comments to the post from lady who is vegan, which obviously means she cares about animal's welfare said that she uses some of L'Oreal products but will stop immediately now that she learned about animal testing because they (the animals) are worth it .
From Wake Up and Care Diem
    According to same blog, it is estimated that about 2.5 million animals were tested last year. Rabbits are favorite subjects because they can't squirt liquids out of their eyes without using paws.
Bunnies are secured while substances are dropped in their eyes, they don't have tear duct and therefore can't release sting and pain.
   Other animals are shaved and scraped until their skin is sensitive and then substances are applied to the skin while group of researchers make sure animal can't itch or remove substance.
   We all know how much it hearts when we squirt something in our eyes or when our skin is irritated. Imaging how much pain these poor creatures must go thorough for hours and days and than add constant fear and stress to that.
   Other animals being tested on are dogs and cats, mostly from the shelter where they were scheduled to be put down. After arriving to the lab I am sure they wish they were put down and out of their misery.

L'Oreal has marketing slogan "Because you are worth it", but are you really? Do you really think that your long lashes are worth inflicting pain on other creatures when you can get them without causing suffering to animal?. We are contracted differently from rabbits, cats and dogs so after all the animal testing products still need to be tested on humans. So, all that testing and suffering gave a little of results, a little bit of understanding how substance works but you still need to know how it works on humans.

Unfortunately, in United States animal testing is still allowed, I am hoping that in near future it will be banned. United Kingdom banned cosmetic ingredient testing and I hope it will happen in United States.
L'Oreal will supposedly go cruelty free in 2013, according to Livin Cruelty Free. Until then you can use alternative cosmetic products such as Avon, Bath  and Body Works, Tressemme etc. Peta is good source of cruelty free products and for ways to help end animal testing and cruelty. See full Peta's list of cruelty free cometisc.

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