China Dogs Rescued From Becoming Food

According to The Telegraph and Yahoo News, truck load of dogs to be slaughtered for meat were saved in Beijing, China.

A man who saw truck load of poor whimpering animals put on a call on microblogging site begging fellow animal lovers to help force truck driver to release animals. Around 200 animal lovers responded blocking truck for 15 hours after they finally negotiated release of animals, about 580 of them,  for $17,000. Funds were donated by pet food company and animal protection foundation.

Animals were squeezed against each other, some of them with bites and wounds and some of them with viral infections. Most of the dogs, who were taken to the animal clinic after being rescued, were severely dehydrated , some had deadly virus and almost all of the had external injuries. At least one dog had died in the truck.

Dozens of volunteers came to Dongxing Animal Hospital in Beijing to help take care of 68 animals taken to hospital, clean floors and disinfect visitors. Rest of the dogs were taken to property to be taken care of by Capita Animal Welfare Association.

The rescue shows growing awareness of animal welfare in China among younger wealthier generations. Even though China still has very little legislation for animal welfare, recent years show changes with many protests against cats and dogs being used for food.

Regardless, there was criticism drown over rescue, daily newspaper and police accused rescuers of breaking the law with this act. They might be the lawbreakers in their country but to me they are heroes, especially young man who bravely asked for fellow animal lowers to help save animals. This is fine example how one man with big heart can make huge difference.

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Haley said...

I can't even explain how happy I am that those poor things were rescued.