Link Between Animal and Children Abuse

One of the things I keep pointing out every chance I get is that people who abuse animals are prone to abusing children, women or any other defenseless person. Animal abuse is more serious than many realize.
Fortunately, more and more people realize this. According to Stonington-Mystic Patch article Legislating The LInk Between Child And Animal Abuse some legislators in Connecticut are trying to push for a bill that would cross report the two.

Here are some of the statistic from the article:
"According to a 1998 study that examined more than 1,600 cases of animal abuse, 21 percent of cases of intentional animal cruelty also involved some sort of family violence. Of those cases, 13 percent involved domestic violence. "
"Moreover, 71 percent of pet-owning women seeking shelter said their partner had threatened hurt or killed an animal, and 32 percent said their children had hurt or killed animals."

The proposed legislation would mandate animal control officer to report  animal abuse to Department of Children Families which would start investigation. Some legislators think that this could help save lives while some other don't share their opinion.

What do you think? How strong is the link between animal abuse and children abuse/domestic violence?

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