Funny Animals: Add Your Own Caption

I would like you to add your own caption to these photos in comments below. Put number 1. for the top photo, 2. for middle and 3. for last photo for readers to know which photo goes with the caption. Add caption for just one or all of them. To see more funny photos like this go to:Only Funny Jokes


wheatenterrierlover said...

1. No, no! It wasn't meh it was hem!! Shtupid humanz. 2. What do you mean there's a cat on meh head?? 3. OPEN! OPEN I TELLZ YOUZ!

Haley said...

1.) Don't be mad at me! Please, I'm innocent!

2.) Hmm, I wonder where that mouse has gone. I'll look for him later

3.) Open, open! I wanna taste some of this. The humans drink it all the time