L'Oreal's Animal Testing Practice is L'Cruel: Are You Really Worth It?

   One of my Facebook friends posted on her page blog about L'Oreal's cruel animal testing practice. (Read The Blog Here). Photo of a bunny with needle in its head immediately got my attention. Reading comments at the post made me think. How many people are aware that they support or increase this cruel practice when they buy products such as L'Oreal.
   One of the comments to the post from lady who is vegan, which obviously means she cares about animal's welfare said that she uses some of L'Oreal products but will stop immediately now that she learned about animal testing because they (the animals) are worth it .
From Wake Up and Care Diem
    According to same blog, it is estimated that about 2.5 million animals were tested last year. Rabbits are favorite subjects because they can't squirt liquids out of their eyes without using paws.
Bunnies are secured while substances are dropped in their eyes, they don't have tear duct and therefore can't release sting and pain.
   Other animals are shaved and scraped until their skin is sensitive and then substances are applied to the skin while group of researchers make sure animal can't itch or remove substance.
   We all know how much it hearts when we squirt something in our eyes or when our skin is irritated. Imaging how much pain these poor creatures must go thorough for hours and days and than add constant fear and stress to that.
   Other animals being tested on are dogs and cats, mostly from the shelter where they were scheduled to be put down. After arriving to the lab I am sure they wish they were put down and out of their misery.

L'Oreal has marketing slogan "Because you are worth it", but are you really? Do you really think that your long lashes are worth inflicting pain on other creatures when you can get them without causing suffering to animal?. We are contracted differently from rabbits, cats and dogs so after all the animal testing products still need to be tested on humans. So, all that testing and suffering gave a little of results, a little bit of understanding how substance works but you still need to know how it works on humans.

Unfortunately, in United States animal testing is still allowed, I am hoping that in near future it will be banned. United Kingdom banned cosmetic ingredient testing and I hope it will happen in United States.
L'Oreal will supposedly go cruelty free in 2013, according to Livin Cruelty Free. Until then you can use alternative cosmetic products such as Avon, Bath  and Body Works, Tressemme etc. Peta is good source of cruelty free products and for ways to help end animal testing and cruelty. See full Peta's list of cruelty free cometisc.

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Anonymous said...

You can get a few cosmetic brands that say that they are cruelty free, but be careful, because that doesn't mean they don't contain animal products. Fuck. This shit is constant and millions of lives are suffering from painful, slow deaths so, what? We can cover up some flaws??? Get longer lashes???

Haley said...

I saw a petition for this, and it showed that second to last picture of that little beagle. I signed the petition and immediately started doing research. Things like this make me very upset. I want to cry right now after seeing that beagle picture... poor things...

Anonymous said...

Really? Come how do i know that these so called photos come from a loreal lab! Most of them look like they are from the 70's. I have also read loreals sustainable report thing n none if this is said. So where are these pics taken n wat year?

Wrinkle Cream Advice said...

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Anonymous said...

WTF!I didnt know bout this until i saw a post on facebook but the why would they have to make the poor animals suffer like tht.

Anonymous said...

I swear to god, if i knew the people who actually done this, like the people who worked in the lab I would fucking make them suffer. This is absolutely outrageous. What sick fuck does that for a living? Who wants to live knowing they get there pay check every month from torturing, killing and watching animals squirm? L'Oreal should be testing paedophile's and rapist's, as well as other animal testing facilities. Fucking sick, selfish manipulating cunts. I'm doing my speaking and listening assessment on animal testing and I have more than facts and figures to say about it,I tell you that.

Anonymous said...

Shit!!! And i am using this product!!!