International Champion Golden Retrievers Poisoned at The Dog Show in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands  Dog Show is the European biggest Dog Show with over 20,000 dogs from all over the Europe compete for championship.
Two days ago three Golden Retrievers, two from Serbia and one from Austria were poisoned half hour  after they were pronounced winners of the show.

Plavi Andeo (Blue Angel)
Two years old male Golden Retriever from Serbia named Plavi Anđeo (Blue Angel) - an international champion, was dead half hour after being pronounced European Vice Champion at the dog show in Amsterdam.

Another one is also from Serbia 14 month old Viktorija (Victoria), who was invincible past couple of months winning highest grades by judges at competitions all over the West Europe. Both Serbian dogs belonged to a couple of handlers from Serbia Natasa and Nenad Davidovic.

There were seven Golden Retrievers in the same box, all seven were poisoned. Four of them survived and three, two from Serbia and one for Austria died.

It is yet unknown how dogs were poisoned and what happens.

Rest in Peace Champions!

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So sad!